dentsu japan network

We are
dentsu japan network

Our group of Japan businesses,​
which now consists of 130 companies,​ ​
has become a flatly united network​
enabling individual companies
with different talents​​
and abilities to connect instantly and freely and,​
therefore, tackle all challenges
in ideal teams.​

About dentsu japan network


Business Producing

Seeds of innovation are everywhere
in our daily work scenes.
Out of new perspectives coming
from all the worksites,
we foresee and incubate future
to grow them
into greater businesses.​

Business producing structure
of dentsu japan network

Based on our strengths
in seeing multiple industries simultaneously,
we find seeds of new businesses
and triggers for innovation.​


To maximize the potential of business seeds,
we set the idea at the core
and build new business context.

synergy building

Through involvement of partners
necessary to realize the idea,
we create win-win situations
in which each party continues to gain
new viewpoints and the overall activities
become larger and more meaningful.


Marketing DX

We incorporate ideation and digital transformation
to every process
of business through collaboration
among our network business companies.
Every step in Dentsu Japan Network’s business producing
is designed to bring
mid-to-long term business growth
and we commit to build such mechanism
from scratch.

Growth Marketing DX
of dentsu japan network​
data & analytics

Everything we create is
designed to “motivate humans.”
We never think from the supply side.
We look for core insights
and draw blueprints based on
the data analysis.

digital platform

We create platforms that
transform data into action,
leading to environment
in which decision making that
drives to “motivate humans”
is fully supported.

digital experience

The power of content brings
difference in designing experiences that
shift human emotions and
in “motivating humans.”
In the current homogenizing environment,
this is a critical source
of differentiation versus others.​


Maximizing potential
for innovation in Japan

We generate situations in which various products, services,
and their underlying technology
across Japan
to be united with new
and different perspectives at all times,
enabling their values to be reedited
and their potentials to be maximized.
By designing a business framework
appropriate for each business potential,
we are to become a true partner
mid-to-long term growth.​

News Releases

Major news releases
announced by companies
in dentsu japan network.

Updated every two weeks.
Please visit the websites of each company
to see the latest news releases.

Our Network

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